Length: Four days (three nights)
Difficulty LevelEasy to moderate
Available to suit participant, 1 Jul. - 30 Sep.


Example Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at CrossRiver Wilderness Centre by 5:00 p.m. After preliminary introductions with staff, facilitators, and First Nations elder, a hot evening meal will be served in the main lodge. After dinner, we will discuss more about the coming inter-cultural experiences, and then the evening is yours to relax at the Wilderness Centre.

Day 2-3: On these two days we spend our time around the Wilderness Centre, or the surrounding landscape, participating in various inter-cultural sharing experiences with a North American First Nations elder. Possible experiences could include: various nature or medicine walks; nature awareness or inter-cultural sharing activities based on traditional teachings; traditional earth and wilderness skills; and traditional campfire gatherings with camaraderie, stories, and music. All experiences will introduce you to an important nature and community-based way of life. The days evolve out of the relationships that occur in a traditional way, so there is no set schedule, and the experiences themselves end up being different for each person. Therefore, we cannot say how it will all turn out; it always turns out exactly the way it is supposed to, for everyone to powerfully get out of it exactly what they are meant to.

Day 4: After one final breakfast together, we part ways until next time.

BASE FEE (not including donation): $1,488.00 CAD

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Base fee includes: certified guides and experienced non-elder facilitators; all meals; all non-traditional activity costs; all necessary permits; three nights cabin accommodation, based on double occupancy; and trailhead transportation. Group and family discounts are available.

Note: 12% taxes are extra.

: All traditional activities with an elder are by offering or donation only, and are not included in the listed base fee (see more about offerings and donations here).

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