Length: Six days (five nights)
Difficulty LevelModerate
Available to suit participant


Example Itinerary

Day 1: We will meet at the Cross River Wilderness Centre intercultural sharing lodge (Kankurwa) at 6:30 am for an morning prayer with the Aboriginal Elder facilitating the program. We will then walk together to the main lodge for breakfast at 8:00 am, and spend some time visiting with each other. After breakfast, we pack some day packs and head out for a gorgeous day hike. At the trailhead, we will have an on-location safety talk, and begin the journey. The trail will take us through dense forest and scree slopes before arriving at a large subalpine meadow, with a mosaic of colourful wildflowers everywhere. Depending on group circumstances, we may break here for lunch, or else continue a little further to our day hike’s final destination—a picturesque high subalpine lake. At the large lake, we spend some time exploring around the area, whether walking around the lake itself; hiking up to the adjacent ridgeline; or even moving further up above the treeline onto a snowpatch, or scree slope. Plant, wildflower, and many possible wildlife viewing opportunities, alongside possible nature-based activities, could present themselves all around us in this lush eco-system. We will start making our way back down to the trailhead by 3:00 pm, arriving back at CrossRiver for dinner. After dinner and some free time, we regroup in Kankurwa with the elder and facilitators for the first night of a five-night breath-of-life gathering. The experience is different for everyone, but will turn out exactly as it is meant to for each participant to have a powerful experience.

Day 2-5: Each of these days we will spend our time predominantly around the Wilderness Centre, or the surrounding landscape, participating in various inter-cultural sharing experiences with the elder or other facilitators, returning each night after dinner to continue the breath-of-life gathering. Possible day experiences could include: various nature or medicine walks; nature awareness or inter-cultural sharing activities based on traditional teachings; earth and wilderness skills; and traditional campfire gatherings with camaraderie, stories, and traditional music. All experiences will introduce you to an important nature and community-based way of life, and inevitably support the breath-of-life in the evenings. The days will evolve out of the relationships that occur in a traditional way, so there is no set schedule, and the experiences themselves, like the breath-of-life gathering, end up being different for each person.

Day 6: After one final breakfast together, we part ways until next time.

NOTE: Two extra nights accommodation at CrossRiver Wilderness Centre can be conveniently arranged for an extra charge to bookend your cultural experience with a little more comfort and time for reflection.

Base Fee(without possible donation):
                Cabins - $2,686.00 CAD, per person
                Teepees - $2,364.00 CAD, per person

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Base fee includes: certified guides and experienced breath-of-life facilitators; all meals; all non-traditional activity costs; all necessary permits; five nights Wilderness Centre accommodation, based on double occupancy; and trailhead transportation. Group and family discounts are available.

Note: 12% taxes are extra.

: All traditional activities with an elder are by offering or donation only, and are not included in the listed base fee (see more about offerings and donations here).

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