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Our Philosphy

The land—the natural world—is the original classroom for all peoples and all cultures. It is our greatest source of wisdom; one that is participatory, spontaneous, non-judgmental, and thrives on diversity. Culture is just a reflection of our relationship with the land, from which all of our diverse relationships, expressions, and practices take root. In this way, for example, the polluted landscape teaches us exactly where we are at with things in our own life because it in turn makes us sick. If our relationship with the land is unbalanced, all our relationships reflect this unbalance and show us our own personal barriers—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Everything is inter-connected and integrated; hence, beauty, adventure, laughter, reason, pain, anger, frustration, challenge, intuition, love, compassion, and thankfulness are all crucial to our growth and life, and hence celebrated in various ways at CrossRiver Wilderness Centre. When one of us hurts, we all hurt; when one of us heals, we all heal.

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Our Philosophy in Everyday Practice













Our facility and programs are all based in, or with, the landscape and do not dominate it. We left the trees naturally interspersed with our living spaces, and walking trails through the forest connect the human spaces of the facility, not roads or large clear-cut fields.

We are a wilderness centre and not a resort. Our primary concern is with the balancing out of our thoughts, words, and actions with the land around us, in equal reciprocity to the best of our knowledge and capability.

There are no typical signs with text anywhere on the land. Our only signs incorporate elements of the land itself to help engage our own personal awareness with our surroundings, as well as support our connection with the natural world with which we are continually engaged.

The facility and programs are all environmentally sustainable. Our buildings are powered by solar and hydro energy, with gravity-fed water pressure. Heat for our living spaces and outdoor hot tub is provided by natural wood fire. Our fire wood is scrounged from the scraps left by the regional logging industry, and not from trees that we ourselves have cut. All our soaps and cleaning supplies are natural and organic, and we recycle.

The meals we serve are natural organic foods, which also support local business, whenever possible. Our own personal organic garden supplies us with fresh herbs and salad. The meat we serve is almost always wild or organic, and are usually traditional foods of this land—such as buffalo, elk, deer, and salmon—and sometimes organic beef or chicken.

The facility and programs are all committed to a small ecological footprint. None of our living spaces are bigger than they need to be, and we change our tent base-camps on our backpacking trips every outing, never using the same place more than once a year, whenever possible.

Guest itineraries and programs are frequently not planned out by us ahead of time, but organically evolve out of all the relationships that occur once here. However you want to be in the wilderness, is how your trip ends up being, nothing we do is forced or rehearsed—whether a relaxing getaway in the mountains, a guided or non-guided hike to an alpine lake, or personal healing journey based on traditional indigenous teachings, everything is adaptable and never the same way twice.

Community is fostered through communication that respects diversity and individuality, whenever required. It is often encouraged through our cross-cultural learning and sharing opportunities, which can be tailored by our experienced family of guides and facilitators to promote and support integrity, honesty, acceptance, and personal growth, if guests so choose.

Communal activities are integral to an experience at CrossRiver, and frequently occur with open invitation throughout the season. Opportunities to gather together around unplanned campfires, the hot tub, or in sharing circles for spontaneous encounters, which frequently include music, songs, traditional stories, laughter, and/or games, often present themselves. They often also incorporate an awareness of their occurring within the larger community with the non-human world around us.

We are committed to leading by example and to living as we encourage others to. We ourselves are human and will make mistakes; however, we are open for any kind of discussion, and will rise to challenges for our own personal growth opportunities that inevitably come our way from living in our own relationship with the natural world and each other. We are all in this together, and we do not pretend to have all the answers.

We look to our Elders and friends for guidance and inspiration in our own lives and community, both inside and outside of CrossRiver Wilderness Centre. Many people from many cultures visit us and all are welcome. We strive to live out our mission and vision statements (see here for our mission and vision), as well as our responsibility policies (see here for our responsibility policies), and we realize that we cannot do this alone; all contributions are respected.

Every morning at 6:30 a.m. throughout the summer, all people are invited to join us and the present Elder in the Konkurra House of Peace and Medicine Lodge, for meditation and prayers for peace.































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