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Located behind the CrossRiver House (see wilderness centre map), our gift shop contains handmade gifts by CrossRiver staff and artists, as well as traditional crafts, cards, country giftware, natural soaps, clothing, Rocky Mountain kitchen and houseware souvenirs, Canadian memorabilia, and much more. All of our products support the respective western-Canadian aboriginal tribes, or local and regional small businesses whenever possible. The shop can be opened at any time during your stay for your convenience, and online purchases are available upon request (contact us for details) . Here are just some examples of what you might find behind the lovely, white, cottage door (all prices below are approximate, are in Canadian dollars, and are subject to change without further notice. Furthermore, they do not include 12% in Canadian sales taxes, 5% of which is refundable to international guests):

CrossRiver Clothing

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From Right to Left, Top to Bottom:  Micro-fleece Jackets — from $96.00

    (tan, navy)


Micro-fleece Vests — from $76.00

     (blue, red, yellow, black, green)


Hats — $24.00

     (cap: white/green, white/blue;
 logo: yellow, black)


T-Shirts — $24.00

    (green, white, blue, black)

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First Nations Gifts & Crafts

From Right to Left, Top to Bottom:  Drums — special order

   (painted, unpainted; circle, octagon)

Moccasins — special order



Herbal Incenses — from $4.00

     (sage, cedar, flag root, etc.)


Dreamcatchers — from $14.00

    (Ojibway; all sizes, designs, patterns)


Medicine Pouches — from $17.00

     (Cree; all sizes, designs)


Jewellery — from $6.00          

(Ojibway; necklaces, bracelets,

hair & charm pieces)

Ornaments — from $21.00          

(Cree; birch bitings, pottery, glass)

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Ceremonials — from $6.00

     (Cree, Blackfoot; feathers, sweetgrass)

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Rocky Mountain Housewares

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From Right to Left, Top to Bottom:  

Candles — from $2.00

   (all sizes; mountain-inspired scents)


Canadian Wild Rice — from $7.00

   (small & medium sized bags)


Cookbooks & Spice — from $7.00

   (CWC recipes, award-winning)


Animal Print Wares — from $8.00

    (bowls, trivets & hangings; wolf,

      bear, cougar)


Wild Teas — from $7.00

   (Cree mixes; Labrador, Mint, etc.)


Drink & Soup Mugs — from $20.00

   (CWC & mountain-inspired designs)

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Country Giftware & Canadian Memorabilia


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Writing Journals & Bookmarks — from $3.00
    (handmade/recycled paper; wilderness inspired designs)

  From Right to Left, Top to Bottom:
Writing Paper — from $7.00

   (Rocky Mountain-inspired designs)


Stuffed Toys — from $7.50

  (all sizes; bears, wolves, moose, rabbits)


Cards & Crests — from $5.00

     (great photos of our hikes, lakes & area)

Ornaments — from $13.00

     (hand painted; wilderness themes) 

Bath & Body — from $3.00

     (natural soaps, body butter, salts, balm)

“Bear-aphernalia” — from $8.00

      (handbags, bear bells, etc.)


From Right to Left, Top to Bottom:

    Cooking Apron — from $22.00
        (white, red; bear, moose patterns)

    Bathroom Towels — from $6.00
        (all sizes; wilderness-inspired designs)

    Kitchen Towels — from $17.00
        (various patterns, colour & designs)
    Baby Clothes — from $25.00
  (white, red; bear, moose patterns)
Oven Mitts — from $17.00
    (red, white; moose, bear patterns)
Assorted Pajamas & Sleep Shirts — from $30.00
   (white, red, blue; bear, moose, patterns)
Handmade Quilted Table-Runner — from $95.00
  (white/blue, white/magenta; various patterns)
Assorted Boxer Shorts — from $20.00
   (white, green; bear, deer, fish; wilderness-
inspired humorous text)


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