Offerings & Donations Description


Offerings & Donations Description

Most of our inter-cultural sharing & life-ways opportunities are operated on a not-for-profit basis. With very few exceptions, all funds we receive for these programs go back into operations for more inter-cultural sharing experiences, or towards other worthwhile causes, either directly with the aboriginal communities we work with, or indirectly through official non-profit organizations, such as the Kotawî Foundation for Nature, Arts & Culture. As such, opportunities to participate in many nature, culture, and art sessions; traditional activities; or other experiences with guest speakers, instructors, facilitators, guides, and especially First Nations Elders have no required monetary fee set over and above the standard costs for accommodations, food, and other facility fees. In these instances, guests are invited to participate on the basis that they will honor the respective facilitator with an offering or donation. These offerings can be monetary, but don’t need to be. Monetary offerings, however, are the most common form of offering or donation today in multi-cultural settings, and contribute greatly to the diverse livelihoods of all facilitators. This sort of honor system is not one that many western people have much opportunity to get familiar with anymore, but one that is very respectful to many other cultural life-ways. We believe the concept of offering and donation is an important way to include all peoples, regardless of background or circumstance, as well as to honor the intangible gifts of certain relationships that are not only free for all peoples anyway, but largely fostered by authentic and mutual respect, thankfulness, honesty, and openness.

We get asked frequently about what an offering or donation should consist of, and ultimately the answer is: whatever your intuition and circumstance allow you to feel is equal to, or greater, in value than that which you may receive in turn—although, the key is not what you may be receiving in turn, but on the intuitive opening of your own heart in thanks and respect through an act of unconditional giving. It is said in many cultural traditions that only once you have done this, will you truly be able to receive what you seek anyway. If it happens otherwise, the exchange will be mired by a fundamental imbalance. Having said this, here are some recommendations just to help as a starting point, but in no way are these suggestions expected:

 Whenever possible, we like to offer all our facilitators around $350.00 CAD per
     occasion, per day, based on a group of up to four people, and then more for larger
     groups (although, again, this is certainly not expected, and it has been both less
     than this as well as more than this on numerous occasions—this suggestion is just
     an abstract starting point, which some people find helpful, and respectful to the
     inter-cultural sharing process).

Additionally, some other non-monetary offerings have been: pouches of natural
     and organic
tobacco (especially for First Nations Elders this is very respectful);
     other offerings of traditional medicines, such as natural sweetgrass, sage, cedar,
     crystals, feathers, animal teeth or claws, or something of value to you, your culture,
     or your land; blankets or animal hides; traditional pouches, baskets, or storage
     boxes; and traditional or personal craft items, such as paintings, carvings, or
     traditional clothing items.

 Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding offerings and donations. We are happy to assist in any way we can, either prior to your arrival at CrossRiver Wilderness Centre, or during your stay with us.

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