Nature-Based Music in the Forest
 Traditional Enchantments of the Forest


Nature-Based Music & Meditation in the Forest


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Traditional Enchantments of the Forest

Throughout the summer, various opportunities are available for guests to participate in an experiential, creative, and uniquely engaging opportunity centered on the more-than-human gifts of the forest. For as long as humans have been on the planet, faeries; giants; forest and river people; sasquatch; and other beings have filled the stories and imaginations of all cultures around the world. At CrossRiver, we enjoy taking the time out around the fire, or in group situations, to honor these enchantments through music, story, and community sharing, with the landscape and relationships at CrossRiver itself as our inspiration. The forest has most often been an enchanted place throughout history, and, in our minds, deserves to be so again. Programs and retreats with this ancient, and important, nature-based theme are facilitated by us and our own experienced “forest people,” and they also include various supporting wilderness; arts; community; and inter-cultural activities. These programs are often very inspiring artistic; learning; inter-cultural sharing; and community opportunities for families, creative people, and those who enjoy engaging with all aspects of the wilderness.  Contact us for custom possibilities, suggestions, ideas, or partnerships; or check back here again for current opportunities and details about how you can register.

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