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Single Day Guide Hires & Fees

If guests have booked accommodations at CrossRiver, and are not interested in an all-inclusive package, hiking, mountain biking, rafting, and canoeing guide hires may also be available while they are here. Our guides are all certified with the highest industry qualifications required for the trips in our area. These include, at least, advanced wilderness first aid training; navigation training; swift water rescue training; wilderness interpretation training; and years of hiking, biking and rafting experience. The main certifying organizations that our guides have graduated from are the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG), the Mountain Parks and Heritage Interpretation Association (MPHIA), and Rescue Canada; all are well known worldwide for their high level of standards and instruction. Just as importantly, however, our guides are passionate about being in the wilderness and love sharing it with others. Their backgrounds and personalities are all different, and each knows how to create fun, safe, and even inspirational experiences in their own ways. Your guide will also be an experienced trip leader, as well as knowledgeable about the area—its history, First Nations peoples, nature, animals, stories, medicines, traditional uses, wilderness skills—and how it connects with our lives today (see more about our people here, for more specific information on individual guides). Out-trip destinations and possibilities will all be discussed during the hiring process, and depending on guide availability and guest fitness levels, they could include: rafting one of three rivers; alpine ridge walks; subalpine meadows and lakes; river valleys and waterfalls; mountain summits; wildlife and wildflower viewing opportunities; and wilderness skills and activities. We will return in the late-afternoon to the Wilderness Centre in time for a welcomed dinner and some relaxation time. The fees below are quoted on a per-day basis, are subject to change without further notice, and are based on a minimum number of four to six participants for each out-trip.

Hiking & Mountain Biking Guide Fees

              Half-Day Trips
Adults $ 45.00 CAD, per person
Kids (under 12 years) $ 25.00 CAD, per person
              Full-Day Trips
Adults $ 75.00 CAD, per person
Kids (under 12 years) $ 40.00 CAD, per person

Includes: trailhead transportation; safety/first aid gear; certified guide; required licenses/permits; required group gear; snacks; and lunch on full-day out-trips.

Rafting & Canoeing Guide Fees

              Half-Day - Kootenay River Rafting
Adults                                              $ 71.00 CAD, per person
Kids (under 14 years) $ 55.00 CAD, per person
              Full-Day - Kootenay River Rafting
Adults $ 99.00 CAD, per person
Kids (under 14 years) $ 82.00 CAD, per person
              Lower & Mid Canyon - Kicking Horse Rafting
+14 years; +90 lbs. only $ 99.00 CAD, per person
              Lower, Mid, & Upper Canyon - Kicking Horse Rafting
+14 years; +90 lbs. only $ 147.00 CAD, per person
              Evening - Columbia Voyageur Canoeing
Adults $ 55.00 CAD, per person
Kids (under 14 years) $ 41.00 CAD, per person

Includes: river transportation; PFD; rain/wet/safety gear; certified guide; dry storage; riverside snack; and lunch on full-day out-trips. Prices on the Kicking Horse River also include a professional photographer's photograph, and can be reduced by bringing your own lunch and opting out of the riverside barbecue lunch provided. The no-barbecue lunch option on the Kicking Horse prices are: $91.00, half-day,
and $139.00, full-day.

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