Teepee Description
 Prices & Terms


Teepee Description

Located a short walk across the creek from the cabins, within a ring of tall Fir, Larch, and Aspen trees, is the teepee encampment. The encampment consists of three large teepees, each over 20 feet in diameter, and one smaller teepee, all set up to reflect a living medicine wheel circle around a central communal fire pit. This is a non-traditional teepee placement for educational purposes, and guests can inquire about the unique story behind this design while here. A path connects all teepees to each other and the central fire pit, and all teepees have their own fire pit, as well as warm and comfortable decorative features.

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Teepee Prices & Terms

Individual & Group Rates
(up to 5 people maximum per teepee)

High Season (15 June - 15 September)

Note: Meal packages mandatory

1-5 people $ 137.00 CAD, per group tipi, per night

$ 45.00 CAD, per individual in a shared tipi, per night
Mandatory meal package $105.00 CAD (adults), $52.50 CAD (kids), per person, per night

Low Season (15 May - 15 June; 15 September - 4 October)

Note: Meal packages are optional

1-5 people $ 123.00 CAD, per group tipi, per night

$ 40.50 CAD, per individual in a shared tipi, per night
Optional meal package $ 94.50 CAD (adults), $ 47.25 CAD (kids), per person, per night

12% taxes are extra

Includes full use of shared facilities, and main lodge (main lodge details here)

A two-night minimum stay is required

Check in: 4:00 pm; check out: 11:00 am

Rates are commissionable

If self-catering (during low season), all cookware, dishes, utensils, storage, refrigeration, and wash-up necessities are provided for your use in the main lodge

If self-catering (during low season), we are very remote in the wilderness, and are not near to  any supermarkets, restaurants, or convenience stores; your food must be brought with you 



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