Length: Three days (two nights)
Difficulty Level: Moderate to challenging
: Available to suit participant


Example Itinerary

Day 1: We will meet at the Cross River Wilderness Centre main lodge for breakfast at 8:00 am. After breakfast, we will conduct final group packing arrangements, then depart for the trailhead. Most of today will consist of hiking to our base camp area, scouting out a site, and then setting up camp. We will have ample free time in the evening to settle in to our camp and surroundings.

Day 2: Today, we will scout out possible day hiking routes and go exploring with day packs and lunches. Any number of breathtaking views, wildlife encounters, or inspiring moments with your natural surroundings may be possible along the way. We return to base camp for dinner. Whenever possible, your guide will also be prepared to facilitate unique interpretive moments, storytelling opportunities, or educational experiences should they present themselves. It will be a gorgeous and relaxed day spent high up in the meadows and peaks of the Canadian Rockies.

Day 3: After we awake for breakfast, we will pack up, say goodbye to our camp area, and descend back down to the wilderness centre. You will have time to shower and refresh before continuing on with the rest of your holiday.

NOTE: Two extra nights accommodation at CrossRiver Wilderness Centre can be conveniently arranged for an extra charge to bookend your backpacking trip with a little comfort.

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Price includes: certified guides; all meals; all activity costs; group gear and supplies; all necessary permits; and trailhead transportation. Group and family discounts are available.

Note: 12% taxes are extra.

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