Robert Patenaude
Owner, Bookings, Marketing, and Hiking Guide

Rob is very passionate about the wilderness. He has been hiking and backpacking throughout the Canadian Rocky Mountains for decades and, along with a wealth of incredible experience, he holds many certifications and training credentials. He is a certified ACMG Hiking Guide (Canada's only internationally-recognized guiding certification); a certified MPHIA wilderness interpreter; a purple stage outdoor leader (Scouts Canada's highest certification); he holds an advanced wilderness first aid and CPR certificate; and has been trained in various wilderness skills and survival techniques by internationally recognized wilderness leaders, such as Tom Brown, Jr. and Jon Young. Rob is also a creative person and, whenever he can find the time, is truly a master woodworker. Rob's log work, furniture, and skill with wood decorate almost all aspects of the wilderness centre. He is also an accomplished entrepreneur, with over 20 years experience running his own companies, and is happy to transfer his skills in leadership and organization to helping protect, share, and pass on his love for the wilderness.


Troy Patenaude, BA, MA, PhD (a.b.d.)
Hiking Guide; Nature-Based Education, Arts, and Cultural Sharing Facilitator

Troy's deep knowledge about nature, culture, the arts, the Rocky Mountains, and history has been an unforgettable contribution to many guests' stays and programs out here. He helps coordinate and facilitate most of the guided hikes, nature-based education, and inter-cultural sharing experiences, and also holds many certifications and credentials.
Troy has a PhD in Cultural Studies, and uses it to help bring awareness to the continuing impacts of colonialism and assimilation in Canadian society, and create spaces where all knowledges of all people can contribute to our collective wellbeing. He is also a certified ACMG Hiking Guide, a certified IGA wilderness interpreter, and is certified in advanced wilderness first aid and CPR. He has hiked and backpacked throughout the Rocky Mountains, all over Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlotte Islands, throughout England, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, in the Alps in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and France, and in the jungles of Guyana, South America. He speaks French, and has lived and worked with various First Nations tribes in South America, as well as the coast and mountains of BC. He is also an accomplished folk guitarist and songwriter, whose diverse ability to share through music, art, writing, and story about history; mountain life; world arts and culture; traditional plants and medicines; traditional living skills; and traditional stories and songs is frequently moving and inspiring.


Marilyn Patenaude
Facility Manager, Decorator, and Artist

Marilyn is a multi-talented and warm artist, chef, manager, and decorator who helps ensure the smooth running of the actual facilities at the Wilderness Centre, as well as their aesthetic charm. She is a well-respected member and teacher of the Canadian Decorative Arts Society, and has years of experience running a catering business, a cleaning business, and her own arts and craft supply store. Besides helping to facilitate operations at the Wilderness Centre, you can also frequently find her contributing her experience and skill to working as the cook herself, or helping create the clean and cozy atmosphere CrossRiver has become known for when Jeff and Kim have taken some well-deserved breaks. Marilyn brings a love and confidence to all she does, which is reflected in her cooking, as well as her decorating and art. Her paint and imagination has filled the walls and spaces of our historic heritage cabins during their update refurbishment. They now each exude an individual and comfortable nature-based theme, in a folk arts style, where artistic and decorative detail has been paid attention with passion and care. Furthermore, she coordinates and facilitates all our painting and craft retreats, which have inspired many budding artists and crafters from around western


Sequoyah Trueblood
Inter-Cultural Sharing & Life Ways Facilitator

Sequoyah is enrolled with the Choctaw nation of Oklahoma, USA, has lived predominantly with the Mohawk nation in Kanawake, Canada for almost two decades, but has been invited to many regions and lands throughout Mother Earth and calls wherever he is at that moment "home". His current path enables him to pass on the heart of the original teachings of the Sacred Mystery to all who will allow him to do that. They are the original teachings that bind all peoples, all cultures, and all nations together here on Mother Earth, and are open to everyone, always, free of charge and by donation. Sequoyah currently spends most of his summers living in the Konkurra Medicine Lodge at CrossRiver Wilderness Centre, although he has been invited and often adopted in to communities all around western Canada, including Ojibway, Cree, Blackfoot, Nakoda, Cowichan, and Nuxalk communities
. At CrossRiver, Sequoyah facilitates prayers and meditations every morning for world peace, where all are invited; spends lots of time sharing and conversing with all kinds of people and groups; helps facilitate inter-cultural sharing and nature-based education experiences; and helps advise us on the workings of the wilderness centre so that it can continue to be an example to people of environmental respect and sustainability, great thanks, great peace, and great love.


Julian Norris, Phd
Nature-Based Education & Arts Facilitator

Julian is an experienced and inspirational environmental educator, community development facilitator, and traditional folk musician. He is a certified ACMG hiking guide, and has traveled around the world helping to establish educational and development programs for indigenous communities of many cultures. Julian is also a well-respected youth and adult wilderness camp facilitator, specializing in the areas of rites of passage, eco-psychology, and adventure programming. His love for inter-cultural understanding and the
Canadian Rocky Mountain wilderness has led to his dedication to ways of being in nature and how they can translate into meaningful contributions to our lives wherever we may lead them. This is also the topic of his PhD dissertation, which has already impacted the lives of many people through his work at the Banff Centre for the Arts and the University of Calgary. Julianís musical skills around the campfire alone, however, are worth any wilderness excursion with him, and his gentle perceptiveness is empowering. Furthermore, he has a subtle trickster and playful attitude that can captivate even the toughest of audiences.

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