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: Please read the information below carefully. This page contains important details that will aid you in planning your trip and maximizing your overall experience with CrossRiver Wilderness Centre

Booking Changes, Deposits & Cancellations

CrossRiver Wilderness Centre reserves the right to change out-trip destinations and/or advertised adventure package day activities anytime prior to or during a respective booking without further notification to the client(s). The reasons for doing so may be unexpected weather conditions, road conditions, fitness ability(s), or any other unforeseen circumstance that may arise at anytime, including insufficient numbers of registration for out-trips. In the unlikely event we must cancel a booking out-right, we endeavor to notify client(s) at least 14 days prior to the starting date. CrossRiver Wilderness Centre is not responsible for expenses incurred by trip members in preparing for the trip, and we will fully refund a customer's full payment for their booking to date. In the event that you must cancel a booking, you must notify CrossRiver Wilderness Centre in writing as soon as possible. Due to the fact that many of our costs are committed well in advance to your actual booking start date, the following deposit and refund polices apply:


 $150.00 CAD is required immediately upon registration; the balance is due 30 days
       prior to your booking start date


 When you cancel at least 60 days prior to your booking start date: a full refund less the
       deposit is returned

 When you cancel 60-30 days prior to your booking start date: 50% of the funds paid to
       date is refunded, less the deposit

 When you cancel 29 days or less prior to your booking start date: no refund or deposit
       is returned

 Alternatively, if a last-minute cancellation is required due to unforeseen circumstances,
       funds paid to date can be credited towards another CrossRiver Wilderness Centre
       booking within one year

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All-Inclusive Package Booking Conditions

What We Provide In Every All-Inclusive Package Booking:

 Load assisted base-camp backpacking trips when applicable. In other words, we will
       take a load off your shoulders by having the transport of all group gear already taken
       care of for us beforehand. You only need to carry your own clothes and personal
       belongings, and possibly a bit of food

 Experienced and certified guides for all guided out-trips

 Group equipment (when required), such as tents; stoves; safety and repair kits; rafts;
       PFDs; and paddles

 All meals

 Cabin accommodation based on two people sharing a cabin, or teepee

 Trailhead or river transportation while at CrossRiver Wilderness Centre when required

 All permits and fees when required

 Experienced, trained, and knowledgeable facilitators when required

 All activity costs as specified in each package description

What You Must Provide For Every All-Inclusive Package Booking:

 Personal clothing and gear (i.e.: backpacks, sleeping bags, and mats—a detailed list
       will be mailed upon registration, or rentals can be arranged upon request)

 Personal transportation to and from CrossRiver Wilderness Centre (airport shuttle
       transportation can be arranged for an extra cost on your behalf if required)

 Airfare costs when required

 Holiday and/or travel insurance whenever required

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Privacy, Risk & Liability Statements 

Privacy Statement

CrossRiver Wilderness Centre recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of our customers and as such our privacy policy is as follows:

Any and all personal information collected about our customers is for CrossRiver Wilderness Centre purposes only and will be kept confidential. The use of this information is to provide/arrange/organize/deliver the requested booking(s) to the best of our ability, and to enable us to contact you or your emergency contact whenever applicable. Medical and personal information will be disclosed to the head and assistant guides or facilitators so that they may be able to understand your abilities or concerns. It will also ensure that, in the event of a medical emergency/situation, they will be prepared to handle the situation appropriately, especially in circumstances that may arise in the wilderness, where emergency phone numbers are not in service, and professional medical help is not readily available. Such information may also be necessary to disclose to other emergency/rescue personnel when appropriate. This information will remain in our records for at least seven (7) years after your stay with us, and will not otherwise be forwarded or disclosed in any way to any third party.

Risk & Liability Statement

Before participating in any guided out-trip or all-inclusive package booking, you will be required to sign a standard liability waiver/release form (the form can be viewed or downloaded from our waivers page here). This will release CrossRiver Wilderness Centre from liability for any loss or damage to person or property in travelling to Canada or to CrossRiver Wilderness Centre, or during or after participation in any CrossRiver Wilderness Centre booking package or activity, for any reason whatsoever, including negligence on the part of CrossRiver Wilderness Centre, any of its directors, officers, facilitators, agents, or employees. Our remote wilderness location and out-trips involve risk, and take our guests/clients to places where communication is difficult and medical treatment and rescue will not be readily available.

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General Information 


Each guest/client should review their own personal insurance requirements to make sure their insurance is adequate for the risk and activities involved at CrossRiver Wilderness Centre. Any questions can be directed to your local travel or insurance agency. CrossRiver Wilderness Centre does not provide personal insurance for our guests/clients, including, but not limited to: trip cancellation insurance; theft and/or property damage insurance; travel/medical/accident insurance; and emergency rescue and/or evacuation costs insurance.

Airline Tickets

Whenever possible, it is highly recommended that you not purchase cheaper airline tickets that may contain a lot of restrictions. If a booking is cancelled or delayed for any reason—unforeseen, uncontrollable, or not—you may be left with airline tickets you cannot alter, use, transfer, or refund. We strongly advise you to inquire with your travel agent about trip cancellation insurance and related options before purchasing your ticket.

Nature & Wildlife

Due to our deep respect and admiration for the natural environment and its wildlife, we steadfastly condemn any littering, vandalizing, feeding, or any other destructive behavior to any eco-system during or after a booking with us. We practice a low-impact and ecologically-friendly presence in nature at the Wilderness Centre and on all our out-trips, and nothing during a CrossRiver Wilderness Centre booking is staged or preset. Wildlife abounds wherever you will be, but CrossRiver Wilderness Centre cannot guarantee that guests will view any wildlife at anytime during the booking, although the potential is certainly there to see it at anytime or on any out-trip. Furthermore, CrossRiver Wilderness Centre guarantees that every precaution is taken, including personal and group safety talks whenever applicable, to prepare for an unexpected animal encounter, in order to ensure both the safety of the wildlife and that of our guest(s)/client(s).

Your Adventure Awaits

Upon submitting your CrossRiver Wilderness Centre online registration form, and/or accepting written confirmation for any CrossRiver Wilderness Centre booking, the guest/client thereby agrees to the terms and conditions above, and is one step closer to an unforgettable experience in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We love meeting new people and always look forward to our next opportunity to help contribute in some way to fun; community; creativity; learning; inspiration; and connection with nature however we can.

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