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Inspirations from CrossRiver Experiences

“Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible .”

                        —PAUL KLEE, The Inward Vision , 1959

The connections between inspiration, creativity, imagination, the arts, life, and nature have always been strong, for all people and cultures, even if the connections themselves have not always been understood. In this same light, CrossRiver experiences, being so close to nature, frequently inspire, or are inspired by, creative insight. Many past-guests have experienced an abundance of creativity and inspiration while here and it is important to us to encourage and support these inspirations, which sometimes end up revealing important insight about life and being. We ourselves have kindled such personal inspirations by way of the very form and design of the Wilderness Centre, and its way of life, as we took part in the stages of its evolution. The attached pages are a scrapbook of selected artistic culminations that were either inspired directly by CrossRiver experiences, or contributed directly to the shape of a subsequent CrossRiver experience. The artists or inspired people represented have all graciously given me permission to share their respective CrossRiver inspirations here - either directly in person, or indirectly by including them in our main lodge guestbook.

Troy Patenaude, December 2007


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