Environmental Responsibility Policy
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Social Responsibility Policy

Environmental Responsibility Policy

We are committed to living in balance, respect, and harmony with the wilderness around us in everything we do, and to the best of our knowledge. Our environmental responsibility policy outlines some of the commitments to the natural world that we account for in the basic operation of CrossRiver Wilderness Centre:

All of our out trips, on the water or on the mountains, are conducted in low-impact ways, leaving behind as small an ecological footprint as is possible, and everything is left as it was when we got there, or better

We never use the same base camp twice in a season, in order to allow the plants, flowers, and shrubs underfoot to stay growing strong and healthy

During hiking excursions, where there is a trail, we follow it, so as not to scar another. Often there is no trail where we go, and our experienced guides will then teach and role-model new perspectives on walking through the terrain with less impact. In cases where we are required to make a trail, for safety or manoeuvrability, we will follow wildlife trails or natural pathways whenever possible

Any wildlife we encounter on an out-trip or around the Wilderness Centre itself, is greatly respected and treated as our equal. We do not attempt to approach wildlife, but rather will either depart the scene, or observe from a distance that the guides or facilitators feel to be most appropriate in the circumstance, depending on the situation. To avoid dangerous encounters that could result in unhealthy consequences for either the wildlife or the human(s), the most up-to-date safety precautions will be discussed and followed prior to any excursion, when applicable

During some of our out-trips or nature-based education experiences, we may use a plant from the earth, or wood from a tree for various educational, medicinal, or edible purposes, but it is always done with great thanks and intuitive permission with an offering laid down, either in honor for its use, or for its life

The main lodge and cabins at CrossRiver Wilderness Centre is mostly self-sufficient, being powered by solar and hydro energy, and all of our rubbish is hauled off-site every week. All of our soaps and cleaning supplies are natural and organic, and we recycle

Our on-site garden is organic and naturally maintained for our fresh herbs and salads

Our meals served are using only natural and organic foods and organic or wild meats, whenver possible. Our coffee served is only natural, organic, fair trade coffee

The water supply is natural, untreated (though filtered), spring water from the mountain side, which is linked to the main lodge and cabins by gravity-fed pressure. The creek is at least 100 meters from our gravel field bed for grey water

There is no hunting on the land around the Wilderness Centre

The cabins themselves are recycled and redecorated settlers’ cabins from the turn of the 20th century. The trees and surroundings at CrossRiver Wilderness Centre are as they were when we arrived, and as landowners, as well as environmentalists, we do not log anywhere on our property without purpose, offering, or ceremony. All wood for the main lodge, cabins, and teepees is scrounged from scrap wood piles left behind by the local logging industry

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Economic Responsibility Policy

We are committed to living in balance, respect, and harmony with the people around us through positive economic impact, to the best of our knowledge. Our economic responsibility policy outlines some of the commitments to the people and economy of our immediate region that we account for in the basic operation of CrossRiver Wilderness Centre:

Whenever possible, our food is purchased at local businesses, and the basic supplies for the running and maintenance of the Wilderness Centre are purchased or contracted out, when necessary, to local companies in the region

We support other local small businesses through having information booklets in each of our cabins. The booklets contain helpful information regarding nearby restaurants, shops, and tourist attractions

All of the guided whitewater rafting, canoeing, and hiking trips that we cannot handle on our own, are contracted out to the local river guiding company, and local hiking guides

The CrossRiver Creations Gift Shop carries many First Nations items, crafts, and
artefacts, all of which we purchase directly from the First Nations people or businesses themselves. Furthermore, the gift shop also frequently sells artworks, crafts, and photography by consignment for local community members

We support nearby First Nations peoples and communities with contracts for all our teepees and teepee skirts

We support organic farmers and respectful hunters whenever possible, by purchasing all our meat products from them

We support responsible and environmentally-friendly businesses whenever possible, by purchasing organic and natural foods, soaps, and cleaning products only. Furthermore, the coffee we serve is only organic and fair trade coffee purchased from a local roaster, or else we purchase organic beans, naturally sun-roasted, directly from the indigenous peoples of Columbia, with whom we have a close relationship, in a true fair trade transaction

Plans are now underway to offer financial support to local reserves and community-based programs through a non-governmental organization and volunteer work

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Social Responsibility Policy

We are committed to living in balance, respect, and harmony with the communities and cultures of the world in everything we do, and to the best of our knowledge. Our social responsibility policy outlines some of the commitments to the cultures and communities of the world that we account for in the basic operation of CrossRiver Wilderness Centre:

Anything we do that concerns other people or cultures is always done with their express permission first, and an offering where applicable

We do the best we can to stay up-to-date about all external information concerning operations at the Wilderness Centre so we can give people the most informative, helpful, and respectful answers when required

Open communication between and within CrossRiver staff, friends, and guests is encouraged through our frequent sharing circles, campfire gatherings, and meal gatherings together in the main lodge, where all people are welcome and respected

We continually make the Wilderness Centre available to help out any person in any way we can, through the means we have to do so

We are continually engaging with new ideas and resources to create situations for positive social impact and change. We work with various programs and scholars at the Universities of Alberta and Calgary, as well as College of the Rockies in Golden, on inter-cultural sharing, eco-tourism, and nature-based education initiatives. Furthermore, we work with various responsible environmental and educational travel organizations and clubs, as well as other responsible eco-tourism operations, all over the world, who share similar philosophies with ourselves, on promoting responsible, culturally respectful, travel experiences. These connections not only invite more people to become respectfully aware of their role within the natural world, but also offer many people the opportunity to engage, sometimes for the first time, in a respectful way with the wilderness and other cultures

Any traditional cultural ceremonies that occur through the Wilderness Centre are facilitated solely by those cultural representatives that have been given permission to do so, and they occur on their cultural terms only

Any traditional cultural ceremonies that occur through the Wilderness Centre are not for profit. They are conducted by offering or donation only. Whenever money does unexpectedly arrive in the hands of the Wilderness Centre itself by way of a ceremony, for whatever reason, it is in turn offered, donated, or re-used for operations towards inter-cultural sharing opportunities; nature-based education experiences; community development; wilderness leadership or therapeutic youth work; or environmental sustainability purposes

We are the first to admit that we too make some unintentional mistakes, but we practice as much as possible, and whenever possible, non-judgment and respect towards all cultures, backgrounds, and species in our everyday lives

We frequently lend out, trade, or donate the Wilderness Centre for non-profit purposes to support responsible and respectful community, environmental, social, or arts initiatives

We are currently developing plans to subsidize and partner with some youth and adult organizations specifically concerned with personal and social development; communal and individual healing; rites of passage; inter-cultural sharing; arts and wilderness therapy; and environmental education work

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