The medicine wheel on the home page and on the chest of the stone person to the left, is a traditional symbol of many First Nations peoples of Turtle Island (North America). It houses fundamental indigenous philosophy, communal teachings, and traditional intangible knowledge. There are many teachings that are part of the medicine wheel, but it ultimately depicts our new beginnings, growth, and life cycles, which take root in the lessons and experiences of our own personal lives. The four directions and quadrants of the medicine wheel, moreover, ground our everyday life-paths and lessons in the teachings of the Earth and the natural world. At each stage of our own journeys around the circle of life, nature or animals can represent or offer insights—medicine—that help us take the next step, often reflecting points of awareness into one of the four aspects of our own existence—physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual. All aspects are connected by the same circle, the same life, and therefore, all of these aspects are equally important to all our experiences and life cycles. We often neglect many of these aspects and relationships in our everyday life experiences. At CrossRiver Wilderness Centre, the opportunity to live and be close to the natural world, in whatever way you want to experience it during your stay, can provide valuable awareness about where you are at with things in your own life as a whole, if you want it to.


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