ďAll I can say: Iím sorry
to be leaving such a life changing experience!Ē

-C. SANDVIK, Norway


Dear Guest(s):

Welcome to the online mirror for the CrossRiver Wilderness Centre, our home in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. As we hope you will soon discover, this place is truly magical. It has evolved out of love and the landscape itself, and encompasses much more within its warm embrace than may at first be revealed to you. Out here, the patient, respectful, and adventurous heart entices opportunities for great memories and photographs while relaxing around the cabins or teepees, or on a beautiful hike or rafting trip. The wilderness also offers plenty of opportunity for learning, for healing, for direction, for connection, and even transformation, if you want. We speak from experience.

We have had many helpers along the way, who have all added their own gifts and talents to the fabric of our secluded retreat: from carpenters to painters, to cooks, to cleaners, to guides, to teachers, musicians, dancers, preachers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants, storytellers, athletes, photographers, writers, and visionaries, to name a few. What I love most about their contribution, however, is the friendships we’ve been able to build along the way. We look forward to welcoming your own gifts, talents, and magic into the mosaic. This is a place where people can be real; let go of attachment, judgement, hierarchy, and façade, and stand in a respectful circle with all of creation simultaneously. You will see, if you want to.

Once people get here, they sometimes have a hard time leaving; kind of like leaving a family all over again. The divine appointment we are realizing while you are here, however, is one that we will cherish, give thanks for, and honor by always working to keep this place a vibrant, strong, organic, sustainable, and peaceful place for you to return to, or share with others. In the meantime, we invite you to sit still out on the land somewhere; connect with the trees, water, smells, sights, sounds, animals, and people around you in a meaningful way; delight in the adventure of totally new experiences and uncertainty; and allow your imaginations to be captured. You will not regret it.

In Relation,

The Patenaude Family

CrossRiver Wilderness Centre




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